Rushing Back To Ush - You will be too! Leo's 2nd Scene with DawgPoundUSA

July 31, 2015

This second scene with DawgPoundUSA, entiled after it's feature model, "Rushing back to Ush" - and no I am not yet the featured model, give me a minute here, I will be -  anyhow it reunited me with two other known professionals of mine, being my brother co-stars on the ThaXXXList Banner Boy Lineup; Ush & Dayon!   





When we first met, as many of you know, I was nervous as hell over that being my first shoot  back into the industry and thus marking my return, and we all know how well comebacks are for Hollywood stars - Social DEAF!  That alone was enough but the feeling was further compounded by the sight of the many other hot, sexy, well built and above all young men who I had been cast along side.  Needless to say that I kept my interactions with them to a minimum, trying to mask my insecurities with the New Yorker's unapproachable confidence stance.  Luckily today I can say that since then many have been the projects that have followed serving as my porn retraining boot camp, especially my first scene with DPUSA, "Rio's Playhouse", if you haven't already seen it go check it out!   


This return training has led me to uncover that performing in porn is much just like riding a bike, once you learn it you never forget how to ride it.   All that you need is to hop on it and take it for a few spins around that familiar block; where the hills, sharp curves, and lawn sprinklers are replace with rock hard cocks, round mellon asses and sprays of creamy cum loads.  


Here is a "How To" visual guide of how I got back on that bike!



Well enough of the tour through my memory lane, all you need to know is that we had familiarity with each other allowing us to bond and have a great time with strong chemistry off the set and my hopes is that it has translated onto the scene for all of you to see how deeply close we all are at  Now here goes the hardcore pictures you all really want to see, enjoy!












Wait there is more . . .







And more . . .






I thank you all for your support and continued viewership of my work, and I hope you are all as pleased with this project as I am.  


Now follow this link and go view the whole scene and if you enjoy it and my performance don't forget to let the powers that be, DawgPoundUSA, know what you think of it and my performance as well as any desire of yours to see me with another DPUSA Model.  They also like suggestions of the compromising positions you would like to see me in, be kind I am just getting back into the hang of things.


Thank you all once again!


Muah - Big Kiss,

Leo Donato




Ok the end, there is no more.  To see more click here


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