ThaXXXList Spotlight On Banner Boy Model Of The Month: LEO DONATO

May 13, 2015

It was about this time last year when I was first contacted by Khalil Kane the founder and Creative Director for  An online publication catering to provide coverage and exposure to the under-publicized black and Latino performers in the Gay Male Adult Entertainment Industry.  


I was shocked to say the least that some random publication had come across my social media tweets and post and remembered me from eons ago when I performed a scene for Tyson Cane Videos.  I never even saw the final product having lost touched with it director Tyson Cane, you can imagine my surprise that it was produced released and I had no idea of how it was edited and ultimately released.  Khalil was more than knowledgeable of every performer and even knew some facts on me that I had forgotten I had said in an interview. 


To make a long story short, he expressed his intentions of offering me a spot among the Banner Models and one quick glance at his follower based and Google Analytic, and I would have been a fool to pass this up.  Well I won't bore you with any more details, just know that since their wonderful offer I have gotten agent representation with Ducati Model Management, and also filmed my comeback scene with DawgPoundUSA and many more projects are currently under review and are on the horizon.  But I will most certainly keep you posted!


And now finally I know I will shut up, here is my featured Video Interview & Exclusive Photo Shoot Spread.  I will advised that for this week I am only releasing just a couple of the pictures, next week a few more but if you are like me an 'Impatient Queen' please click here and this will take you directly to ThaXXXList Spotlight Video Interview with the complete exclusive photo spread.  Go take a good look at all the images and while you are there please do view the other men of color in the industry, but not before liking, sharing and commenting on all of my pics - remember the spotlight is on me first (at least for this month) LOL!


To ThaXXXLIst, I know you all have heard me say this many times over but I insist; “Thank You to Khalil Kanel, The Cast of professional & super sexy Banner Models as well as the Photographer, Editor and Support Crew. Working with all of you has been a splendid and enriching experience.”  


To you my Loyal Sexy Readers, Thank You once again for enjoying my content and supporting my work!


Muah - Big Kiss,

Leo Donato





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