Leo Donato for Trans Equality because 'It Does Not Take A Mile To Know It's Right!'

April 19, 2015


Allow me to share a very important cause for me and the reason for this gender bender of a picture. While I know little of what a transgender individual goes through or any of their daily struggles I do know of my personal struggles coming out, how difficult it was for me, and the many things I had to give up simply by embracing my true self (For the complete story on my journey to Pride go to: http://hook-online.com/ten-years-pride/). 

From that place of feeling worthless to where I am now, it took many years of looking in the mirror and speaking to myself to finally feel comfortable in my own gay skin, I refer to that as my own self therapy. Day in and day out, for at least 30 mins a day I sat looking at myself (flaws and virtues) and accepting every aspect of me.  Try to imagine how difficult it can be to convince yourself that despite having lost everything known to you what you have gained is the most important thing in life: The freedom to be you.  It was those talks personal pep talks in front of the mirror that allowed me at accept myself as I am and thru it I began loving me for ME!  Loving every virtue and every flaw and seeing them just the same.  This is why it is unfathomable for me to know what it must feel like to look in the mirror trying to accept yourself as who you and what you are, yet the body that stares back at you is at the core of your issues.  I can only imagine how difficult it must be to look past the obvious and pronounce physical part of your own body to that place where your true and complete self resides. 

For us Bi, Gay or Lesbian individuals acceptance requires not much else other than a daily 30 min stare of ourselves till we overcome our feelings of shame and remove our own judgements or ourself but this prescription does not work on all patients, or at least I would not advise a Transgender person to sit in front of the mirror staring at the very problem and expect to feel great in a few years time.  And quite honestly I don't know what I would advise a person dealing with that situation.  Which is why I have made it a personal goal of mine to educated myself more about this sheltered and self contained sub-group within our Community. And while I am just at the start of my uncovery, I will say to you all continue doing what you have been doing to keep your head held high despite your physical reminder. Knowing how strong I had to be for me, I would bet my life when I say that "all of you are and have been much stronger in a day than I have been my whole life to face our cruel and unjust society" and for that you are my heros. 

Know that I have noticed your struggle and I am here for all of you and will do all that I can; be it as little as retweeting Trans News or something greater like taking time to write to our government officials, demanding that your needs require immediate attention.  LIkewise I urge my readers to do the same. Whatever you can do is appreciated and welcomed.  

If you have not done so in the past please take a moment and take note of these individuals whose issues are not being recognized much less addressed by our elected government official.  We can not stand here fighting for equal rights when the basic rights of one of our members is not being address. Stand with me in support of Transgender Equality because it does not take walking a mile in their shoes to know that what we are doing is right!


Thank you,

Leo Donato 





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