The Hookies International Escort Awards 2015: Highlights & The Naked Truth Part II

It's a long hard road leading to The Hookies International Escort Diamond Award, then again we love long and hard. There are many  months of planning and preparation that take place. The team spend countless man hours deciding how they can elevate this yearly celebration to new heights. In my opinion they have succeeded in doing so.

No job is too menial and no task is too small to make this a memorable celebration of our industry. From volunteers stuffing the treats in the goodie bags, to state of the art sound, to the larger than life nominees screen, as well as the live web-streaming of the event (a addition this year); no single detail was overlooked.  


Many meals may have gone uneaten as we approached minute zero and the last minute finishing touches were being addressed. But who cares to eat gourmet sandwiches when you are feasting on the sexy and hot Adonis Lounge models who are oiling up their perfectly sculpted bodies before curtain call. 


Here is my brief tour of the many hours of hard work that go into putting this event together.


Moving on to the reason we come together once a year to celebrate the hard work put in by these men day in and day out.  17 categories encompass all aspects of the industry from something we wear very little of most of the time, like clothing (in the Best Dress / Style award) to our online virtual reality presence where we maintain daily communications with our audience (in the Best Personal Website & Best Social Media award).  


In some categories we revealed the naked truth, that we are sexually charged men who love men and whenever possible we will pick two men, both in and out of the sheets.  Here at the nominees, dual and single winners, along with the moments that most stood out in my mind.



This was one category I was really interested in seeing who the winner would be, because much were the talks, debates and online criticism I came across over Austin Wolf's Bottoming Film Debut decision this past year. And I am so happy that you 'paid those bitches no mind' and won for Best Top. You have broken down industry stereotypes and proven that bottoming from time to time does not diminish one's topping abilities, on the contrary it can elevate him to becoming the World's Best Top and that you are!


Congratulation dear friend you've earned it & BTW happy early birthday fellow arian!

Having worked in the Fashion Industry myself for over a decade I was glad to see that aspiring Fashion Designer, Boomer Banks took home Best Dress / Style award. I will steal words from your acceptance speech and concur that yes you are 'the World's best dressed hooker' and I wish you much success in an industry that holds a special place in my heart.


In the next category of Best Ass; with his shy and very sexy British accent, Tyson Tyler charmed the audience when he accepted his diamond award but he was not let off the hook that easy as presenter, Mr. Pam got him to reveal his award winning ass.

And finally we get to the moment we have all been waiting for - who will be crowned Mr. International Escort 2015?  


While I know very little of this man and we have only saluted each other in passing I have always been drawn to his warm heart and genuine humble demur. After hearing his sincerely humble acceptance speech my feelings were only further strengthen.  Rocco Steele, Mr. International Escort 2015, in my eyes has proven to be a man who's inner soul is even bigger, longer and with more girth than his impressive exterior assets and I am sincerely and genuinely happy for you.


I also found it most fitting that this award was presented by another man whom I consider a friend, a great mentor, and a man with equally as big a heart as Rocco's.  I speak of none other than's COO; Hawk Kinkaid.  


As you view the images of this years Mr. International Escort, Rocco Steele I hope you too are able to see what I see, the soul of 'A Great Man'.  


Congratulation Rocco – 'Rocco The Great'! 




This now concludes my highlight recap of what took place both in front and behind the scenes at The Hookies International Escort Awards 2015.  


I would now like to take the time to thank CEO and Founder of, Jeff Davids for making this event possible.  And if I may the only recommendation I would make in years to come is that the addition of an accredited judging panel be added to further validate the hard work you know and recognize is carried out by all of us in the industry. 


Thank you Jeff!


And thank you all for joining me as I recall the memorable moments at The Hookies International Escort Awards 2015!  


For more information about this event or to view the live stream please visit and please do go check out the Rentboy boys at  See you all next year!


Muah - Big Kiss,

Leo Donato


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