The Hookies International Escort Awards 2015: Highlights & The Naked Truth Part I

True to my Aries nature of choosing something and embracing it 1001%, after my decision to return to the Adult Industry after nearly a decade absent from the industry I have taken part in as many activities or opportunities that may have come my way. Needless to say that back in December 2014, when the announcement came out that The Hookies International Escort Awards were coming soon and all listed men were granted the opportunity to be nominated for what is considered the 'Oscars of Escorting', I leaped at the chance.


Not having had a current film or high exposure project in nearly a decade I began my research to determine how the candidates were determined and judged. To my surprise my findings did not yield any restrictions which would exclude me however I uncovered that there was not actual panel of judges and one's candidacy would be determined solely by online voters who are not restricted from voting more than once. Let's be real my chances were slim at best. None the less I presented an aggressive nomination campaign to my few but very loyal followers. What the heck, I thought? As to be expected I was not nominated for anything. However through my aggressive campaigning I uncovered a deeper love for the industry, for what I do, and was able to strip any remaining feelings of shame over the view our society has on our industry. And I came to the conclusion that this event in its 9 year history; above all the nominees and winners on the wall of fame, is about celebrating the industry, it's service providers and supporters.


So with no further ado let's see the ass cracking memorable moments as well as award presenters from our cast of Gay Adult Industry Celebrities. Among the many who attended was well known porn performer and producer, Michael Lucas (who at 43 is looking sexier and hotter than ever); as well as legendary director, Chi Chi LaRue; Rocco Steele and Randy Blue's model, Austin Wolf.


Take a look for yourself of who and how they unhooked at The Hookies!








Drag Queen Alaska Thunderfuck was an excellent choice bringing her vocal talents with which she opened the show and instantly hypnotize and commanded the attention of the overwhelmingly huge turnout, who despite NYC's horrible northeaster snow storm came out in support of their favorite Sex Industry Men. These rowdy men were suddenly and without warning shocked into historical laughter and praise when she enlisted her other talent of stand up comic adding humor to her opening act. To you Alaska Thunderfuck I say, “Far, far, far, … far are you from your Drag Race moments of insecurity and tonight you have proven that the only shadows around you are cast by your unmitigated entertainment brilliance”. Co-host, Brad Loekle was a complimentary equal revealing cracks in him never before seen. Take a look at the great entertaining job delivered by this dynamic comic duo.














Remember to stay tune next week for my final reveal of the all exclusive pass to The Hookies International Escort Awards 2015!



Leo Donato







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